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Humburgers. We could leave it at that. But....let's explain how and why a good burger got even better. Working with our chefs and the talented food pros at Taylor, our Humburgers have used technology, cooking technology combined with computer accuracy. Our highly specialized double sided grill provides intense heat from an unusual source when cooking burgers....the top! The top or "upper platen" presses the burger to our specifications (to 1/10th of an inch) to perfectly cook our burgers so heat is not just from the bottom of the grill which dries out burgers. Our steakburgers cook in 25% of the time of any traditional cooking methods and the juices are trapped inside instead of left on the grill in the longer cooking times. This adds tremendous flavor combined with tenderness of our quality fresh burger meat. This also means you will get your order quicker too! Woo Hoo! Please also explore our pizzas, cooked in the very special and unique HOT ROCKS granite stone ovens! Try a signature Upside Down Pizza Pie! For sweet treats check out our incredible Humwiches, the premium gourmet ice cream sandwich made completely in-house with soft serve Vanilla Custard Ice Cream sandwiched between 2 fresh baked David’s Gourmet Deluxe cookies. The real deal – simply amazing! 


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Humdingers is also BYOB!

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