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You may bring your own beer or wine only. No hard liquor, liquors, spirits or any other alcoholic beverages. This rule is strictly enforced. No coolers allowed. Please hand our staff your beverages upon entering our front desk area. Your packages will be placed in our back bar cooler labeled with your name. Once seated and you have ordered food, you are permitted to have your BYOB. We will give you an opener/corkscrew as needed, bucket with ice with your bevs in it, and cups if desired. You may only obtain your BYOB after food has been ordered at the lanes or in the cafe.

Our operation is very stringent with regards to BYOB and strict guidelines must be adhered to for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests. Below are some of our rules for our unique location, as well as legal codes.

  • All guests must order food first prior to receiving their BYOB beer or wine they bring in.

  • Guests consuming beer/wine will use the designated restaurant/bar/bowling lane/ dining area seating, where food is being ordered.

  • Guests will open their own beverages. Staff may provide ice buckets, bottle openers/corkscrews, and beer/wine cups.

  • Guests consuming beer/wine must be 21 or older and show verified mandatory photo ID. If an ID is suspect it will be refused and the police will be called to intervene. The player will be banned from the location permanently.

  • All Humdingers managers are TIPS certified.

  • Alcohol affects people differently. Guests may be cut off immediately and/or asked to leave the location. Please practice moderation as to avoid an unpleasant situation.

  • Rowdy behavior will constitute police interaction immediately and a ban from the location.

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