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Humdingers has 8 indoor fully automated batting cages in a comfortable area with pro dugout seating. Although we have 8 batting cages, we actually have 12 pitching machines. How on earth does this work? We’ll tell you! Cages 1 & 2 (Little League Baseball) and cages 7 & 8 (FastPitch Softball) are standard single machine cages as noted below in the Batting Cage Speed Operation section. Cages 3, 4, 5, 6 are what we call “DUAL” cages. They have 2 machines in them each. A baseball pitcher and a softball pitcher. Speeds for each cage are listed below. But we can tell you right now that all those 4 softball machines (in cages 3, 4, 5, 6) are Slow Pitch Low Arc LOB pitchers with an arc of about 9′. To CHOOSE between Baseball or Softball in a DUAL cage, you must press either the WHITE or YELLOW button on the Humdinger Play Card box. WHITE is for BASEBALL and YELLOW is for SOFTBALL.

Every cage has its own Hit-Cam, which we’ve developed over the past decade. The Hit-Cam system has a camera located about 30 feet in front of the batter and a Hit-Cam 50″ monitor in front of each batting cage. Friends, family, coaches, instructors, and others can watch you hit close up and also record your awesome style with their own device.

We recommend the use of your own helmet, however, we do provide helmets at no charge. Feel free to bring your own bat, although we do also provide bats at no charge. We highly recommend batting gloves for those who are going to bat for more than about 3 rounds. Hands start to develop blisters and batting gloves prevents these. Sorry we do not provide batting gloves.




Feel free to bring your own bat bag but you MUST not leave your bag on the floor at any time anywhere in the building. We are strict about this rule for everyone’s safety. We provide easy ways to keep your bat bag off the floor. In the batting area, we have a chain link fence directly behind our pro dugout seating. You can also use the top shelf of the dugout seating to place your bag. We make it so easy to follow this all important rule. Now that’s a humdinger!


  1. Read the batting instructions/warning

  2. Swipe PLAY CARD once in reader. The reader will light up GREEN!

  3. After 1 second, the GREEN start button will light. The card reader display shows the transaction. The pitching machine is now ready to be started by the player.

  4. Push the lighted GREEN button to start the pitching machine. Once the button is pushed, the pitching machine will start and throw 10 pitches (one round) at 6 second intervals. There is a red light located under the pitching machine, this shows the machine has been credited and turned on by the start button and is PITCHING.

  5. Dual Cage Operation: In the case of a cage being a “dual” cage, it has both a baseball and a softball machine. There are going to be two lighted buttons on either side of the start button. The YELLOW button is for SOFTBALL. The WHITE button is for BASEBALL. After you swipe your play card, the GREEN start button and one of either the baseball or softball lights will be lit up. Please push either baseball or softball button before pushing the start button.

  6. Reminder: when the red light comes on, the balls will start to pitch. A complete round is 10 pitches. When the red light goes off, the round is complete, the cycle is ended and pitching stops.

  7. COURTESY RULE # 1. If you or someone else is in line for the cage you are using, follow our Courtesy Rule. Bat 1 round and let the next person in line go after you bat that round. You can then rotate to the end of the line or choose to bat in another cage.


Cages 1 & 2 pitch at the slowest speeds for the lil’ rookies. Just like if you were lobbing the ball from the same distance. Both cages 1 & 2 throw the SAME speed.
Cage 3: 44-48 mph
Cage 4: 52-56 mph
Cage 5: 65-69 mph
Cage 6: 78-82mph


Cages 7 and 8 are our fast pitch softball.
Cage 7: 45-48 mph
Cage 8: 56-60 mph


Cages 3, 4, 5, and 6 are also slow pitch softball. Simply press the YELLOW button to switch from Baseball to Softball.


$2.50 per round. 10 pitches per round.