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How long is an average BD party?

Birthday Parties are 2 hours on average.

How long is an average Group Event?

Group Events are 2-3 hours long, usually about 3 hours, although events can be tailored to your group’s requests such as short & long lunch events from 1-2 hours.

How much deposit do you require for a party or event?

Birthday parties are $200. Company and group packages are 50% of the total.

What if I need to change my event date?

Contact us ASAP once you know you need to change the date. We will work the best we can to accommodate you.

Can I bring in any food?

We do NOT permit outside food. For Kosher or special dietary needs, please speak with our Event Planner as we have options available. We have provided an extra food menu, should you wish to order anything additional. Additional food orders must be ordered 7 days before the party.

Can I bring decorations?

We do supply you with fun birthday party ware. However, if you have a certain theme, you may bring that in. We recommend bringing in your party ware before the party so we can set it up. Please, no confetti!

Who is my contact on the day of the event?

The Party and Event Manager.

What happens if I have to cancel?

In the unfortunate event of needing to cancel your party, we've designed a cancellation policy with convenience in mind. If you cancel 14 days or more before your booked event, you'll receive a complete refund. For cancellations within 13 days, we offer a play card equivalent to the amount paid, giving you the flexibility to enjoy our offerings at any time. Plus, you can reschedule your event anytime, and your deposit will transfer to the new date, ensuring your celebration remains stress-free.

How early should I arrive prior to my event?

10-15 minutes in most cases depending on the event.

What happens if I’m late for my party?

Not being late is the best policy. However, emergencies do arise, weather, etc. Parties are very well coordinated and timing is critical as it affects many people and other bookings. If you’re not late by more than 20 minutes or so, the first decision would be to cut that time off the party and make up some time by starting right away (The staff working the party cannot stay later unless they are able, in which case there is a charge for their additional time as well as all support staff for the party – kitchen, cleaning, management).

Will my lanes for my party or group be together?

Yes of course!

Is there a minimum for birthday parties?

We require at least a 10-child minimum to host a party.

What is the maximum number you can accommodate for birthday parties?

While there are sometimes maximums due to other center activities, we usually can accommodate as many as the space will allow.

If we book now, can we drop our headcount as we get closer to the event since we do not know how many guests we will have since we do not have RSVPs yet?

Please consult our Party Reservations Office for more info.

When do I need to let you know the final head count?

Please call us 7 days prior to your party with the final head count. This will allow us enough time to ensure enough cake, adequate table size, and the number of lanes is correct. The number of children confirmed for the day is the number paid that day unless the number of children increases. We also recommend bringing a list of the expected guests and shoe sizes for your host on the day of your party. Please note: There is a 10-child minimum for all parties.

What is included in my party?

Two personal party hosts, two slices of pizza, unlimited soft drinks, build-your-own sundaes, paper goods, set-up & clean-up, and a free Humdingers Classic logo T-shirt for the birthday child.

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